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Garage Door Reversing? Broken Spring?
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Northern Suburbs (763) 427-7003 
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We provide:
  • Competitive Prices
  • Experienced Technicians
  • Fast, Friendly Service
  • Fully Stocked Trucks
  • Same Day Service
  • After Hours Emergency Service

Not only is a broken garage door inconvenient, it can also be dangerous. Don't risk injury to yourself or family by putting off repairing your garage door. Our technicians are skilled and ready to fix anything from garage door openers to damaged garage doors. All of our service trucks are fully stocked and most repairs can be completed same day!

Broken garage door springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, hinges, or the garage door opener can be professionally replaced.
If fact we only install top quality parts that can actually extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener. 

Did You Know?

Your door adds curb appeal....
Your garage doors can generate up to 30 percent of the exterior portion of a home that can be seen from the street. The condition, style, and color of your  door has a great influence on the overall appearance and curb appeal of the home.

You can keep your house cleaner....
With a keyless entry pad mounted outside your garage door, you'll eliminate traipsing in the dirt through the front door by entering through the garage. Leave muddy boots, shoes and wet coats in the garage and keep your house cleaner. 

Your garage door opener can see you.....
With the electric safety sensors mounted 5 inches above the floor, a light beam is cast across the opening of the door sensing an obstruction. If a child or pet crosses the beam while the door is closing, the beam breaks and the door will automatically reverse. 
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